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Lose 5-15 Lbs Bootcamp

5-15 lbs Loss Boot Camp

This Bootcamp is for busy women who are looking to eat clean and work out over the next 6 weeks!  The Bootcamp includes workout plans, a 10 day cleanse, grocery lists, menus, recipes, accountability, motivation, and 24/7 access to me.

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This boot camp will include:

  • -A Daily meal guide (will be modified specifically to you if you have a specific need/want)
  • -Accountability through a Facebook Group that I will lead
  • -Daily workouts created for this specific Bootcamp
  • -A Herbal Cleanse & Spark

You will need to commit to:

  • -Working out 5 days a week (workouts provided)
  • -Eating Clean (Daily guide and grocery list provided)
  • -Purchasing an Herbal Cleanse & Spark (First 10 Days)
  • -Log your food and check in with me daily (via text, Facebook, or email)

I will only be accepting the first 5 people who contact me.  This Bootcamp will begin December 1st.  The Bootcamp will be $10 dollars a week ($60 dollars for the program) plus Herbal Cleanse ($32) and a box of Spark ($25).  The cleanse is an option, BUT it is HIGHLY recommended for success!!!! I will also help you through the Holidays making healthy choices & having controlled cheats!   I would LOVE to work with anyone on a payment plan or coming up with something that fits your budget.  I believe that money is important because it holds us ALL more accountable when we pay for something! I CANNOT wait to work with you & again I will ONLY take the first 5 participants!

Email me your name and contact information ASAP if you would like to participate & I will enroll you!

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