Arm Workout


today is the dayOh MAN!  Thanksgiving was great getting to eat, eat, eat and hanging out with all of our family for 3 days!  After going to two days of Thanksgivings (Thursday & Friday) and going to a musical with family on Saturday (with food before the performance) I am OFF TRACK!  I was planning on just having Thursday being my big CHEAT DAY but it just didn’t stop there.  I bet I am not the only one who this happened to.

I am going to be having NO CHEATS for 3 weeks.  That will bump me up until about Christmas time so I can enjoy the next Holiday without guilt. I do not want to gain that 10 lbs over the Holiday season as many do.  I feel that if I work hard at eating healthy I CAN enjoy those special days without feeling guilty or “fat.”  Think about how far ahead of your goals you will be IF you get started now instead of January 1st!  You can still have a balanced life without indulging all the time or being SUPER strict and not enjoying anything.

If you would like to join me use the #threeweekscleaneats on Instagram and we can support each other!

If you need help creating a plan or menu because you do not know how to eat clean, a good plan would be a paleo diet plan.  This FOR ME is not a lifestyle because it is a bit too strict for me, but it is a great starting place to “clean up” the diet! Check it out!  If that does not work for you or you need a little more accountability, contact me & I can help you more of an individual basis.  I cannot wait to FEEL better over these next few weeks.  I don’t know about you but when I eat clean or healthy I just FEEL better.  Yes, it is about weight loss, toned muscles, and being a good role model for my baby & others, BUT most importantly I want to FEEL good.  How about you?  Why do you want to be healthy?  THINK DEEPLY about it!

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