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Benefits of Oatmeal {#wellnesswednesday}

OatmealI love oatmeal and I eat it almost everyday.  I eat it for breakfast (often), for snacks, in my food (I cook with it) and so much more.  I wanted to share some benefits of oatmeal that I have experienced and researched.

1) Feeling Full Longer: Oatmeal contains insoluble fiber that stays in your stomach & will make you feel full longer.  What a better way to start your day then feeling full and satisfied?

2) Heart Health: The fiber in oatmeal helps to keep blood pressure lower.  Also, oatmeal is full of an antioxidant called Avenanthramides and this helps with keeping low cholesterol and protects arteries from hardening.

3) Boosting Immune System: The fiber in Oatmeal is great for kicking up your immune system!  Maybe thats how Ive been keeping so healthy with all of these preschool kiddos!!!

4) Versatility: “Oatmeal” itself can be cooked and eaten so many ways for breakfast.  With peanut butter, fruit, nuts, etc.  (post on overnight oats.)  It can ALSO be used for cooking.  I cook with whole oatmeal and I also ground up my oatmeal to make Oat Flour.  Putting oatmeal into a blender or food processor will create a flour!

You may ask what type of oats that I eat?  I eat organic OLD FASHIONED oats!  Where I shop they are about 20 cents more to buy organic oatmeal, than non organic.  I buy them like this because the less processing that the oats have, the more fiber they have in them!!!!

**I am NOT a nutritionist.  This is strictly from my education, research, and experience!

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