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Is this right for me? Is this right for you?

I wanted to share a little bit about me and why I am entering the Personal Training/Wellness industry.  For the past 2 years (minus a little pregnacy time that I could not handle getting on Instagram) I have been helping myself and others with fitness and nutrition.  It is something I am passionate about because it has truly made me happier, healthier and a better person.  I first started my Instagram (IG) account because I wanted to help myself.  I wanted to have some accountability and link with like minded people across the WORLD.  I never dreamed that people would be inspired by me, asking me questions, leaning on me and respecting my health and wellness advice.

This summer, a friend off IG that I have communicated with for about a year approached me about a Wellness Company. I was apprehensive like everyone is & I did not want THAT stuff.  THEN, she shared with me how people were making money getting others healthy.  NOT scheming them, lying to them or ANYTHING but helping them with nutrition and health.  I thought to myself “this is what I already do & now I could support my family doing this?”  Before this “light bulb” moment I had NO idea how to make money in the health and wellness industry.  I knew we needed money because I was going to be working part time this year so I could be with our daughter more, but I didn’t know where to start.

So I started with this venture & actually made quite a bit of money in a short time and I was actually helping people get healthy and lose weight!!!!  It was great until I started to lose steam because #1 I got overwhelmed & #2 I was frustrated that the “name” of the company was scaring people away. Who was I to judge that because I previously thought the same thing!!!

About a month ago another IG friend approached me about a Business Mentoring Program about Personal Training. WOW!  How cool and it seemed to be perfect, except I didn’t think I could be a Personal Trainer.  I didn’t have all the knowledge I thought I should have (I am ALL about having ALL the knowledge & yes, I know that is not possible.)  After my first consultation my business Mentor explain to me she would be mentoring me through the process so I did not have to know it all AND I would be learning!

This leads me to where I am now.  I have begun a Business/ Brand called A Healthy Dose of & the Personal Training part of the Business is called A Healthy Dose of Fitness.

As of right now I foresee myself providing a variety of services to people near & far! Currently they are:

-Personal Training (Face-to-Face or Online)

-Boot Camps (Groups of people doing given home workouts & clean eating)

-AdvoCare Clean Eating groups (these products could also be tied into other services!)

I CANNOT wait to continue this AWESOME venture & possibly make it a full time gig.  Only time will tell but as for now my clients are awesome & are working so hard!!!!! How blessed am I?

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