Meal Prep

Well I wanted to share and motivate a you all to prepare. Prepare for everything…. Meals, Christmas, Workouts, YOU TIME! Organization is the key to success.

Last evening my husband & I were preparing Christmas gifts for everyone for the whole week.  We have a Secret Santa at work, co-worker gifts, and my students’ gifts.  Doing all this last night is going to allow for me and my husband to have a much more relaxing week.  I will be able to get my training/health work done after Lola goes to sleep and I won’t have to worry about getting all the gifts/ crafts done during my work time for my fitness job.

Tonight we will be doing a little cooking for the week because yesterday was filled with Lola’s 6 month pictures & Christmas gifts.  I am not trying to give the view that my life is perfect.  It is NOT, but it is much less stressful when I plan and prepare!!!

Below I shared a little bit about how we prepare our meals and snacks for the week!

Step 1: Find a few meals that you are going to make (Example: Meat Balls, Spaghetti Squash, Red Sauce with Quinoa, Meatloaf, Chicken Breasts) We always choose a few Proteins, A LOT of VEGGIES, Sweet Potatoes, and a Complex Carb (Brown Rice, Quinoa) DO NOT FORGET YOUR HEALTHY SNACKS.

Step 2: Go Grocery Shopping: We always go shopping & we are open to sales.  We buy the veggies on sale and whatever meat is on sale we generally buy and stock up on.

Step 3: Make a plan.  I generally find recipes after I get all my food because I want to buy the items on sale at the store instead of going with a list and having to buy the only meat NOT on sale!  Now is the time that we see what we have and find recipes or plan what we will cut, chop and cook.

Step 3: Begin cooking.  It helps me to write down all of the things I plan to make such as:oats

  • Breakfast: Overnight Oats (everything into the jars), Egg Cups (eggs & toppings into muffin tins)
  • Chicken with Mrs. Dash’s seasonings, Soy Sauce & Olive Oil
  • Sweet Potatoes Chopped with Paprika, Garlic Salt, and Cinnamon
  • Snacks: Hard Boiled Eggs, Clean & Chopped Fruit, Hummus & Carrots, Almonds &  Sunflower Seeds
  • Veggies washed, chopped and onto a pan (or two) with a Mrs. Dash’s Seasoning and Olive Oil.
  • Turkey Meatloaf (Ground Turkey or Lean Beef, Can of tomato paste, Can of tomato sauce,Chopped garlic, Chopped onion, black or pinto beans, Italian seasoning) and Quinoa pastafood

Step 4: Tupperwear that FOOD.  We create our weekly lunches when all the food is cooked!  We each have a ca container for every lunch and then we pop them into the fridge.  Some people I know put all their meals into the freezer and the night before they put it into the fridge. We do this every week and I have never gotten sick from eating food we made on Sunday throughout the week!

Step 5: Baggie everything else! I baggie my snacks to grab & go for the week.  My fruit I clean, cut and baggie. I also baggie my carrots, nut mix and my hard boiled eggs after I peel them.

Step 6: Clean and Relax!

This will save you SO much time and money throughout the week.  People thing that clean eating is expensive but if you do it the correct way (being open to sales & not wasting food) you will save money because you wont have to stop that the Gas Station for a $5 snack or go through the drive through for you $10 lunch.  It all add ups quicker than you think!!! ​

I want to hear your successes and failures with your meal prep and cooking!!!! Please share in the comments!!!

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