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Healthy Holiday Tips

We all know the Holidays are a VERY tough time for not gaining weight, little own losing weight.

It really can be done with a few simple tips & tricks. image

1) Focus on the people and conversation, not the food.  I know this is hard.  We are all so excited (myself included) about all the treats and foods at each get together and party but we are really there for the people.

2) Bring some healthy food. This does not mean you need to bring fruit or veggies, but something you can snack on that you know is a healthier options.  There are quite a few things that I have found on Pinterest making trees with fruit, veggies, cheese, and wraps (they made meat/veggie wraps then they cut them into single serving bites.)

3) Be picky about what you eat & put on your plate. Just put the food on your plate that you think might be healthy & when you want to splurge, make sure it is food you really, really enjoy!

4) Share your [new] healthy lifestyle with others. This does not mean you need to tell them you are not enjoying the holidays because you are creating a healthy life for yourself, but just so they know not to be bragging when they try all the desserts and alcoholic drinks!!! Also, this will allow your close family & friends to know and support you in this venture.  Please know that not everyone is going to be supportive & this is really frustrating, but you will find support!

5) Do not skip meals.  This will lead to overeating and causing your blood sugar to drop.  Make sure you are eating a healthy breakfast, snack, and lunches if you plan to eat out at a party for dinner.  This will help you feel more satisfied when you do have

6) Go with your intuition. Think about things before you put them in your mouth.  Intuitively think about it.  Are you hungry? Are you bored?  What are you actually craving?  Are you thirsty, not hungry?

7) Chew some gum.  I know gum helps to keep my mouth busy when I want to eat, eat, eat because I see so much food lying around!!! Go to the store and get some gum you are excited about (yes, I get excited about gum) and keep it with you.

8) Play a game.  Do something with your family &/or friends that will keep you busy!!! Play a game.  Often times distractions will keep you from looking at, and thinking about food!!!

9) Enjoy time with your family & friends.  This is ONE week of the year.  It really is not going to make or break you.  Do not stress about it.  Stress is not healthy for your body or mind!!!

Merry Christmas, Friends!

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