My new Business Logo!!!

My 2015 goals….

Short Goals:

-Fitness: Gain arm strength & lose fat on my obliques (6 weeks)

-Take Care of Myself: I want to make my evening routine a priority.  Each night I plan to have a routine to brush my teeth, wash my face (AdvoCare has the best Cleanser ever!), Put oil on my face (I have super dry skin), put lotion on my face, and then put lotion on my body (I have been using Advo Firming Cream & loving it.)  I REALLY want to make this a priority because I know how important taking care of yourself inside & out is!!! It makes me feel pretty & pampered short term & long term I will have better teeth & skin!

-Make a schedule:  I want to make a specific schedule for all of the various Fitness goals and groups I am training.  I am planning on making a grid schedule to make a structured plan for the week, just like teaching!

Long Term:

-Become more organized: I LOVE to organize but it takes time.  This is something that I want to work on a little each day/week!!!  Hopefully by summer I can have most of my house/life done!

-Make Plans for my Business’:  I believe that creating concrete PLANS is the best way to get things done when trying to achieve something independently.  Sometimes it is hard when there is no deadline or anyone holding you accountable.  This is when I have to hold myself accountable to reach my dreams and goals.

What are your goals?  I do not like resolution because that seems soooo permanent & I HOPE that by the end of the year my “goals” or “resolutions” have CHANGED and transformed!!!!

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