Dumbbells– You Can Do It! #MotivationMonday

So many ladies think they can not lift or they will get bulky, big, manly, the list goes on and on.  The TRUTH is…


Woman do not have the same body that men do.  For losing fat this is frustrating (It falls off men) and for gaining muscle (manly muscle) this is a positive for many (NOT ALL) women.  The woman that do compete in figure or body building competitions work VERY hard, I mean VERY hard for those bodies.  If that is not something you want, believe me, you will NOT wake up one day with that body!!!!  db

I wanted to share my favorite way to get women into lifting…. DUMBBELLS.  These are very versatile and easy to use.  Some workouts that I would recommend starting off with would be:

  • Raise- Lateral
  • Raise- Front
  • Bicep Curl
  • Seated Press

A GREAT place for workout visuals is FitnessBuddy.  This app has visuals that actually move so they are more than pictures.  I have found that there are MOST of the workouts that I need or like to use on there.

The hubby and I bought a set of changeable weights on Ebay for a very low price.  I know you can also find them on other sale/swaps sites and garage sales.  I will tell you that having a set or even some at home makes the not working out excuse near to impossible!!!

Get lifting!!! Muscle burns a lot more calories resting, than does fat.

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