Become a Morning Workout Girl #WellnessWednesday

Morning Workout Look!!!
Morning Workout Look!!!

How to become a morning workout girl?!  Morning workouts often leave us feeling energized, happy, confident, and hopefully sore!

1) Sleep in your workout clothes: Yes, take a shower (if you do that at night) and put your workout clothes on like pajamas.  This way when you hop out of bed there is no excuse.  You do not have to stumble around or trip and wake up the whole house!!!

2) Get up RIGHT when your alarm clock goes off:  DON’T THINK just get out of bed.  If you push the snooze too many times, most likely you will run out of time and just skip the workout (speaking from experience) so just get up!  Also, moving your alarm clock away from your nightstand or bed will help also.  If you have to get up to turn off the alarm it will motivate you to stay up!!!

3) Have a playlist of music prepared:  Music is so important for me when getting my workout in.  I need to get motivated and pumped up.  Having a playlist and some new tunes on ready really pumps me up and gets me excited to work out!

4) Get a workout buddy: Even if you are workout at home, get an accountability buddy!  I have used my IG account and my IG friends for accountability.  Find someone that also wants or DOES workout in the morning and shoot each other a quick text before or after your workout!  Simple as that, and you have accountability.

5) Go to bed: You need enough sleep.  It is SO important for losing weight AND gaining muscle.  Part of getting to bed on time for me is not drinking caffeine too late.  I LOVE my Spark and sometimes I have it in the evening because it is sooo yummy.  I have to get better about this so I can actually get to sleep.  Try to keep your caffeine before 3/4pm so that you are actually tired at night!!!!

6) Reward yourself: That is right…. Give yourself a goal (I do this with my preschoolers) and stick to it.  Write down what you will do for yourself or buy yourself if you get in X amount of morning workouts in a week!!!

7) Keep Trying: It is going to take a little while for your body and mind to get used to getting up and working out in the morning BUT keep at it!  It will be worth it and you will get used to it if you keep with it!

Let me know any tips or ideas that you use to get yourself moving in the morning to workout!! I promise you will FEEL better about your day if you get your workout in early!!!

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