Winter Blues

"It's still snowing!?"
“It’s still snowing!?”

Feeling Winter Blues?  (I know I am 😦 )

Below are some of the things that I do and I would recommend to get through these TERRIBLE, never ending winter months.

  1. Get some sunshine. Sit by a window when you are working or working out. Get outside, but I know this is possible for all of us in this darn weather.
  2. Re Decorate your house in SPRING colors!!! I do this right after Valentine’s Day! (I know this is really “health” related but it helps me.)
  3. Get more Vitamin D. Take a vitamin D supplement, eat some fish or drink some unsweetened OJ.
  4. Take some Clear Mood or Oasis. Brett and I both LOVE these products. We actually put the Oasis in our yogurt for flavor. (I can share more with you if you are curious)
  5. Get more Omega 3s. Take a supplement, eat some fish, edamame or nuts.
  6. Exercise & Sleep! These are both so simple and important but we all know they get away from us sometimes.

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