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Easter Sunday Funday

Lola had so much fun with her first “real” Easter.  Last Easter she was only a few weeks old.  She sure was cute, but she couldn’t do too much!!! We decided this year that we were going to stay home for Easter.  We often travel to both of our families (Iowa City & Clinton or De Witt) on the Holidays.  Because it is Easter, we decided we would opt to stay home and allow Lola to stick to her almighty SCHEDULE and get to be outside on the gorgeous day, opposed to in the car for 4 hours!


We started the day off with Lola finding her Easter basket and breakfast.  She was very interested in the BOOK of course.  I loaded all of her eggs with healthy treats (and a few marshmallows!) Her basket was filled with a “Pop” Car, Bunny, 100 First Words Book, Ball Set, socks, and bunny ears!!!!

lola basket

For breakfast we had green, egg shaped oat pancakes with whipped cream.


After Lola’s morning nap we headed to church across the street.  We have been attending a church VERY close to our house and it has been nice to walk a half block to church.  Especially nice with a one year old in case of emergencies!!!!


After church we had family over for late lunch and then did Lola’s first Easter egg hunt.  She tries very hard to say the word “egg!”  The egg hunt was more like adults walking around with Lola and mom picking up the eggs!!! Ha.  She has been playing with eggs for the past few weeks and was kind of over finding them!

IMG_0183 IMG_0185 IMG_0187

I dyed these eggs with vinegar, whipped cream and food coloring.  There were a few that I left white for Lola to dye but we never got around to it on our busy day!  They turned out really cute.  I will make sure that she gets to do it next year!!!



We had a super blessed day with loved ones and our sweet little family.  I cannot explain how exciting and energetic little ones make the Holidays!!! I LOVE it!


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