Next ((School)) Year’s Plans

I am so excited to share that I am going to get to be a stay-at-home-mommy next year.  This (to me) means that I get to focus more on my family (and hopefully growing it.)  It is going to be a huge sacrifice for my husband to work more (& spend less) and allow this for our family.  He is always such a supporter of whatever I am being lead to do and the best head of our home we could ask for.

I am SUCH a passionate person and right now I need to put a hold on my teaching career.  I want to be the VERY BEST teacher I can be & right now I am being lead to stay at home with little baby Lola.4th of July Family

This also means I am going to be having more time to Blog and share my health journey with you all.  I am both excited and nervous for what this next school year will bring.  I do know that with prayer and support from my fantastic husband that it will be a great year.  After one year I will get to decide if I want to continue teaching or take one more year of leave. We will see after this school year how we are feeling as a family and what we are being lead to do.

We have about 1 more month all together as a family & then the school year will be in full swing!!!! We will be enjoying each moment we have as a family!!!!

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