Tuesday Toddler Toys

We have been home this summer exploring all sorts of new toys as a family!  Lola has a few favorites right now and I wanted to share them.

Building with Legso Legos & ISpy

Legos- She has just recently begun building with these Mega Bloks Legos.  We have had these Legos forever but she has only ever destroyed our “creations” before.  Beginning last week we began learning how to BUILD with the legos.  I would make a strong base for the Legos & then she would add single pieces to the top.  She focused on this task for about 15 minutes!!! Wahooo! Our next step is a Lego tabletop for her to work on.  I think she would really enjoy it.  I have my eye on this Mega Blok Play & Go Table.

Chalk Board- Learning how to draw on an upright surface (wall or easel) is a challenging task.  We have been working on drawing for the past week.  She can only do this activity for about 5 minutes without eating the chalk or wanting to run away with them!!! We are learning and practicing but she really enjoys it.  It is something different.  We are trying to sell our house, so sidewalk chalk is off limits for a little while.  I am sure she will love it this fall (it is coming soon!)

We have a metal walk chalk board that we used for another purpose but it is perfect in her play room.  Here is an adorable table top chalk board but you could also make one with chalk board paint very cheaply.  The table top would be great if the easel might be too tall for your little.

Chalk Board

Puzzles- Lola LOVES this Melissa & Doug Farm Puzzle.  The pieces are large and chunky for little fingers.  The farm animals are very relevant to things she has been learning recently.  Melissa & Doug materials are wonderful quality for wear & tear of little toddlers.  I have had my eye on these 3 Chunky Puzzles for Lola (Pets, Construction & Dress Up) . Believe that I am thinking about Christmas list and ideas!!!  I absolutely LOVE planning for the Holidays!


I love finding new, fun, and challenging activities and toys for Lola.  What are your littles LOVING right now?

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Toddler Toys

  1. I love the chalk board idea! My daughter isn’t super into drawing/coloring right now, mostly she just wants to count the crayons/markers and put them back in the box.

    The Melissa and Doug puzzles are our FAVORITE! My daughter is obsessed with anything Mickey/Minnie Mouse and she LOVES the puzzles so much! Right now we will ask her the names of the characters and the colors they are wearing before she puts them back on the puzzle.

    Another great puzzle we got is from a site called fatbrains. My husband got her a chunky interactive alphabet puzzle and she is learning so much!

    I love this post so much! Can’t wait to read more. Sending love from Texas, Brittney @paperplanelaneboutique


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