Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

We have been super busy this week & time certainly FLEW.

Fun for the whole family.

Lola Bix Fest

Mom & Lola Bix Fest

Lola Smoothie Bix Fest

Summer Fests– This weekend is a huge festival in our city for two different races coming into town!  We stopped by this morning and has a blast.  We will be going again tomorrow, too.  Brett is going to be doing the last leg of the Bike Race (Called Ragbrai) and we will meet him in town when he comes in!  Lola got to have a smoothie to share with Brett and she talked to absolutely EVERYONE.  She actually got her picture taken a few times by the local newspaper photographer.  Maybe she will be in the paper!

Boon Bath Toys– I am in LOVE with these bath toys & I guess Lola is too!!!  Haha. The Boon Bubble Suction Cups are great entertainment and are something that keeps her thinking in the bathtub.  Lola has always loved the bath but all of her “baby toys” have been getting boring to her.  We got her  a little fishing net with fish but these Boon products were much more of a hit. I personally (as a mom) love the Boon Scrubble Squirters because they OPEN!  You can actually clean & dry out the insides.  This is huge for bath toys, especially if you have a kid like mine that is always putting her mouth over the holes in the toys. They are genius!  They also have these monsters that we do not have YET!

Boon Bath Squirter       Bath Bubbles Boon

Chicken Salad Sandwiches– Ever had Chick-a-Fila chicken salad sandwiches?  I just found this this week & I could currently live on them.  I am sure they are not THE healthiest chicken salad sandwich out there but for fast food, they are pretty healthy! Yum.  Go try one!

Unsweetened Ice Tea– This is also new to me this week.  I have never given tea a second thought.  It never really rubbed me the right way, BUT I have been wanting something else cold without too much caffeine/calories.  Sometimes you want something other than coffee, water & Spark.  I am really loving THIS tea. Do you drink green tea (unsweetened of course!)?

Christmas in July– There will be a post on this topic this weekend and I will be sharing some of my fun finds for the kiddos. I am OBSESSED with the Holidays.  After the 4th of July I am planning for all of the upcoming Holidays & Seasons.  I have been loving all the “Christmas Sales” and present purchases we have been making.  Yes, I have been buying Christmas supplies & presents.  I want to stay on top of it!!!! This way I also have more control over money because I can only buy things that are on sale or I REALLY LOVE for someone.  I just bought a personalized Christmas gift at the Summer Fest we were at this morning.

Real Fruit Slushies– We took a treat trip to Sonic yesterday and we got Real Fruit Strawberry Slushies.  It was Lola’s first and she loved it.  She was hording it from me as you can see.

Sonic     Lola Sonic

Footie Pajamas in JULY– Say what? Yes, it was 50 degrees one night this week so Lola got to wear her summer (Carter’s ocean) footie pajamas.  We thought it was fun.  She is almost out of 18 month clothes! Wahhhhhh!

Lola Whale PJs

I hope you loved our Friday Favorites.   A little baby & mama edition.  Also, Happy Birthday Week, Mama!!! We love you!

What are you loving this week?  I hope you each have a great, safe & relaxing weekend.  Not sure it will be relaxing around here but we will try!!!!

Lola and Mom



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