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Christmas in July- Kiddo Style

I had so much fun finding these Christmas ideas for the Littles!!!! I could add 100’s more I am sure.

Also, many of these things can be in various categories but I put them in the category that I thought it best fit.  Therefore, you might want to look at all the items because there  could be something for your kiddo in a different age group!

One tip that I have about Christmas is that I try to buy things throughout the year & pack them in ONE TUB (so I don’t loose anything).  This helps me to keep the cost down when Santa is coming to town!!!  I know some people think it is CRAZY to think about Christmas in July, but it might be for you (like it is for me!)!


Castle Whole
Castle Link Below!
Castle Peak


Car Rattles– These plush rattles are absolutely adorable.  They are more geared towards little boys I would think but I have always been one to give our Little, cars & “boy stuff!”

Animal Shakers– These natural looking wood animal shakers would be great for babies up through preschoolers.  Making noise is fun for everyone!!!!! Right?

Shape Sorter– This shape sorter is colorful and made from 100% recycled plastic.  This is a great toy for little ones to explore and once they get older they can learn to sort the pieces.

Stacking Cups– Lola absolutely loves stacking cups.  We do not have this exact set but something very similar.  As babies they are going to do more exploring and putting things in the cups.  As a toddler they would learn to stack the cups!


Classic Doddler (Magna-Doddle)– I am looking forward to getting Lola this Magna Doddle for Christmas this year.  She is really getting into the drawing and by Christmas, this will be perfect.  This is great for kiddos to use on the go or at church when they need quite materials.

Castle Blocks– These castle blocks are super fun.  They are blocks but they have painting on the outside of them to give them more character and add to the kiddos imagination.

Fly Bike– This is a bike the appears to be geared for older children but MANY of the reviews that we have read say it is best for a 2-3 year old.  We got one for Lola for Christmas on Prime Day.

Wooden Camera– This is a fun little stocking stuffer idea for the toddlers in the family.  They would have tons of fun running around taking pictures (once they learned about a camera!!! Ha!)

Dump Truck (Tip Truck)– This looked like a cute, cheap dump truck that the kiddos might enjoy.  Would be a great gift for an upcoming birthday as well!

Wooden Vehicles– These are wooden vehicles so they will be able to take abuse from toddlers!!!  They are also bright and colorful!

Wooden Picture Books (Animals & Food)- These are wooden books.  In my household books get chewed on more NOW than as a baby.  I am going to be investing in these beautiful wooden books for our library collection.


Magna-Tiles– This was ALWAYS the most favorite item in my preschool classrooms.  I think most early childhood teachers can attest to this.  These tiles have magnets in them that allow for endless fun and building.

Gears– Gears are a great for problem solving skills and experimenting.  They are an activity that will be used for hours!!!!

Play Home Canopy– This is a gift we got for Lola’s birthday & she LOVES it.  We have it hanging in her room and it is her little “castle” (pictured above).  We had a hanging up the morning of her first birthday!!!

Door Way Bean Bag Toss– This would be such a fun game to play on game night or on the weekends. It is not something that could stay up all the time (unless there is a doorway you don’t use) but it looks like tons of fun.  This is also an item that could be used with a toddler through preschool aged kiddo.

Things you can MAKE:

Parking Garage– So fun!  Have a ton of little cars in your house?  This is the project for you (or your hubby!)

Rainbow Rocker– This chair looks like A LOT of work but it is gorgeous and has a ton of uses!

What are some things on your kiddos Christmas lists?

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