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Weekend– Fair & Water

As the weekend is coming to an end I wanted to share our last weekend of vacation (before the year starts.) I am still very scared for the school year to be starting but all in the same, very excited to start a schedule and stick to it.  I will be staying home next year and I am going to be watching one of my good friends Little (Mallory) as well as Lola.  We are going to have so much fun! I am still very anxious about the first few weeks (as Lola does not like when I cannot hold her “on demand”) but I KNOW it will all get worked out.  I cannot wait.

On Friday I did a little meal planning for the upcoming school year (yes, this far ahead) and some shopping with my Mother-In-Law.  Since I am going to be home more now I am going to be responsible for planning all meals and cooking them!  This means I need to get more organized.  I found some “Monthly Planning Grids” and some “Weekly Planning Grids” online and printed off a ton.  At the bottom of the weekly planning guides I am making a list of groceries as I put them in the grid.  This will save me a ton of time opposed to finding recipes then going through them on Sundays.

Friday evening I went with my MIL, Jenny to a Matilda Jane Trunk Show.  The clothes were SOOOO adorable in person.  They are very girly (ruffly) and that is not really my style but I loved it (minus the ruffle leggings.)  I can’t wait for our order to come in.  I will share all the adorable outfits with you all!

One style tip that I learned and tried out on Friday was knotting the bottom of your maxi dresses.  I am not the tallest person & having a long maxi dress is CUTE but not super practical when you have a kiddo (or dogs for that matter.)  I had to work at the knot to find the best placement & size but I thought it was cute and functional.

Knotted Maxi
Knotted Maxi

On Saturday we had a very busy day.  Lola was watched by my mother in the morning because we planned on attending Slide the City.  It is a HUGE 1,000 foot slip-n-slide down the street.  We had a TON of fun and I would totally do it again.  There are these “Slide the Cities” all over the country!

Slide in the background
Slide in the background

Lola also got to go to the local fair with her other Grandma and Aunt while we were sliding.  She had a blast and got to see loads of animals.


Fair Elaphants

It was me and Lola on Saturday evening and we hung out, ate snacks, then I watched Lifetime movies and worked on my blog!


Such a fun weekend and it is not even over yet.  More meal planning and prepping to go today and then I will share that all with you as well.  Would you like to hear about meal prepping? Do you meal prep?



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