Friday Favorites

Oh Boy! Friday Favorites

Oh boy. Has it been a crazy & busy week or what? This was our first week “back in the routine” for school.  The kiddos do not go back to school until next week but this was the first week back for teachers.  That being said, I started my 3 month old this week!!!  She is such a sweetheart & Lola absolutely ADORES her.  It shows me that she is going to be an AWESOME big sister some day (hopefully sooner than later)!

Lola has a VERY set schedule and adding a 3 month old schedule into the mix has been challenging, as expected but I think we are doing well.  Lola is use to being read a book or two (or three) before each nap & bedtime (she still takes two naps most days) and this is not always possible with a 3 month old too!  She has done an awesome job adjusting because she KNOWS what we are suppose to do so sometimes getting out of the routine is hard. I am sure in a few weeks we will be running pretty smoothly over here at the Van Deventer household.  For now, we will just keep kicking so we don’t drown!

Lola Drum

Lola Phonebook

((What we did a lot of this week…. nothing! 🙂 ))

I have not had time to do FRIDAY FAVORITES for quite a few weeks.  I have been in FALL swing over here with our decor and clothes.  The chill in the air the past few days in Iowa has helped to get me more motivated.

Flannel is my GO-TO for Fall and Winter.  It is so comfy and durable.  I have quite a few flannel shirts already and Lola has a little dress, but I found a few at Old Navy that I am swooning over. This little girl dress is adorable.  They also have some with ruffles for $5 right now!  I found this plaid styled shirt for women that is black and white.  I absolutely love it because it is more fancy and chic then “regular” red plaid.  I did search around for little boys and I found this cute little boy vest with flannel lining. ((Lola’s Fall fashion below)) Lola Backpack

Pumpkin Patches that grow in our back yard are our favorite!!!!  We planned seeds to grow organic pie pumpkins, Jack-O-Lanterns, mini white pumpkins and two types of gourds!  THEY ARE GROWING and we are elated.  This was a weird piece of our yard that we were sick of mowing so we dug it up!  It was all sun so it was perfect for pumpkin growing.  WAHOOOOO!!!!


FREE THREADS is a super chic shop with mom and baby girl accessories.  You NEED to visit their site to check out the adorable Chokers (even for kiddos) and accessories.  I have the Gold Leaf Double Suede Choker and it is perfect for my style.  I can dress it up, dress it down and it is the perfect length.

“Italian” Food is what we have been living on lately.  This week we have had mini pizzas, lasagna and last night we went out to eat with Brett’s parents at a local Italian Restaurant.  Might need to pump the breaks on Italian styled food for a while. My husband would disagree I am sure of it!! Mini Pizzas

CIZE is this new dance workout from Beach Body that I LOVE.  My girl Ashton (shes my coach AND great friend) sent me the WHOLE CD workout kit today as a gift.  I was bawling when I received it.  She is such a sweet friend and I meet her on Instagram.  I have some of my closest friends from IG.  Instagram (if you don’t already know) is a great place to find like minded people!  Anyways, back to the “workout.”  I always wanted to be a dancer (sounds goofy) and now I get to be!  It is such a fun workout and if you want to do it, hit up my girl Ashton!!!!

Lola Car

Lola Outside

I hope you each have a relaxing and chill weekend with your families and friends! I hope to share some recipes over the weekend (if I have time!)



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