Fall Friday Fashion

Fall fashion is all about LAYERING. Layer, layer, layer is the key to your fall style.

Necklace 3            Necklace 4

Fall Colors: Chocolates, Greys, Mustards, Olives, Burgundies && Teals! I am all about neutrals (greys, blacks & whites) but adding a little mustard and teal will be fun this Fall!

Vests: Vests are so much fun and are my current Fall favorite. Can be worn with tank tops, short sleeves & long sleeves.  I have already been transitioning my olive colored “military vest” into my wardrobe with tank top (in picture).

Dresses: Dresses are so very versatile.  They can be worn almost all year long with sweatshirts over top, sweaters & tights with boots, flats or booties (ankle boots).

Shorts: Shorts are a fun Fall fashion style that can be experimented with. This is not something I am personally comfortable pulling off but when done right it is adorable! Shorts can be worn with a sweater while it is still warmer, tights and booties or heels.

Maxi Skirts: Long sleeved tops are a great way to keep Maxi Skirts in your wardrobe for many seasons.  They can be worn with sweaters, flannel shirts, jean jacket or long sleeves on top.

Shoes: Summer shoes can be worn for a long time into Fall.  I try to hold off on the boots (even though I do not want to) for as long as possible because I know I will be wearing them all Fall & Winter.  Think about incorporating sandals with a Fall looking outfit or wearing ballet flats with shorts.

Statement Jewelry: Necklaces are something that try to do right away in the beginning of Fall when I still have some color.  Once I get out of the sun I like to keep my chest/ neck covered by a SCARF! I am loving this Gold Leaf Double Choker.  It is so versatile for me to wear when I am casual or dressy!  I also use watches and bangles in the Fall to dress up my outfits from home to work or an outing!

Enjoy looking through your wardrobe this weekend & finding fun Summer/Fall combos!

Mini-Me Fall fashion coming this weekend!  Check back or subscribe so you get a notification!

 ((Necklace is from Free Threads Shop.  Use the Code EMILIE15 to get 15% off your order!))

Necklace 1



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