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Halloween with Kiddos

Well today we had a little fun with Slimmy Colored Spaghetti.  It is super simple to make.  I gave Lola about half of the spaghetti to play with today & I will give it to her one more time this week.   This week I am going to do my BEST to make sure we at least have a Halloween activity each day.  Right before lunch & nap time seems to be the hardest time of the day (with me) for Lola.  Therefore, if  I have something “fun” planned, it makes the morning happier!

Halloween Post 1

For our Colored Spaghetti:

  • Spaghetti
  • Food Coloring
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Spiders, Eyeballs, etc (add-ins to play with)

Halloween Post 1-5

  1. Cook your spaghetti as directed on the package.
  2. After the spaghetti is fully cooked, drain and wash with COLD water.
  3. Separate pasta into different containers (one for each color)
  4. Add food coloring AFTER the pasta has cooled until desired color.   (This would be fun to have bigger kiddos help with!)
  5. Add a little vegetable oil to each container.
  6. I let mine sit for a little while so the food coloring would absorb & not get on Lola’s hands.  It was about an hour & we had no problems!  Not sure you HAVE to let it set that long.
  7. Add your “add ins” and have fun!

Halloween Post 1-4

Halloween Post 1-3

Halloween Post 1-2

Check back daily this week to see what we are up to! Share what you are doing with your littles for Halloween!


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