All About Me Mini Unit– Toddlers

This week I am doing an ALL ABOUT ME week with Lola.  I thought I would share a few items that I wrangled up that we are going to try.  I am familiar doing this type of a unit with preschool kiddos in the classroom, but with a young toddler it is a little bit different.

Lola Painting People.jpg


  • Body Paint- Use watercolors to paint a full body outline from construction paper.  Before painting it would be a good time to ask your toddler to name the different body parts to see what they know before you begin the unit.  I painted one along with my toddler so she was more into it and excited.   We used watercolors for less of a mess but it could also be done with markers or finger paints. (Will be used later on in the week when it is dry) – ((Good print out))

People Art.jpg

  • Body Part Match- For this activity you could make or buy your supplies.  I made them by simply cutting out body parts (lips, ears, eyes, feet, hands, etc.) and then I painted them with watercolors and added detail to them.  You could also go on Amazon and buy some body part matching cards.  For the younger children I would leave them in the shape of the body part. For the older children I would glue them onto card shaped construction paper pieces so you could play memory without them seeing the shape.  First, use these cards to do a quick “naming” together so they learn the accurate names.  Next, I would lay them all out on a table or floor and play match! You will find different ways to do this with your child.  With my daughter I picked one up and asked her to name it & find the match. We are still working on the word match over here so that was work for her!

Body Part Peices


  • Tracing- Trace hands and feet and color them.  If the kiddo is 3 or older you could have them TRY to cut out the hand or foot.  I would make an extra in case things don’t go well!!! 🙂
  • Simon Says- I tried to find a YouTube clip for this so you could do it WITH your kiddos but I couldn’t find one. Just go through the body parts they know and are learning!


  • Drawing Your Family- Use help as little or as much as needed.  I will personally sit by my daughter and ask her who is in our family.  I will ask her if she wants me to draw them (then she can color them) or if she wants to try!


  • Read the book Glad Monster, Sad Monster
  • Use the masks in the back of the book to talk about different feelings.  This could be done without the book by printing off different feeling faces from the internet.


  • Tracing Body with Chalk- Go outside and trace your kiddos body with chalk! They can add hair, facial features, and clothes.
  • Complete Painted Bodies- Use washable marker or crayons to add features to your painted person.  This will go along with the chalk drawing activity above.  After they have practiced finishing the details on the chalk body they will be able to do the same on the painted body!
  • Face Edibles- Some good face edible links are below for some food fun.
    • Tortilla Face 
    • Body- Head (cracker), Body (graham cracker), arms & legs (pretzels.)


Extras —-



Books (Amazon)


I hope you enjoy our “All About Me” mini unit.  Please comment below with ideas that you use to teach your kiddo about themselves! There will be more units in the future!  If you would like to be notified when I post a new blog then you can “Follow” on the upper left hand side!

Below are a few photos of our weekend.  Fridays are always our “movie night” as a family.  This will be possibly one of the last ones as a family of THREE.  I have to keep documenting, as Van Deventer baby #2 could arrive ANY DAY! Lola, my mom and I went to the Skywalk downtown this weekend and strolled around.  Sunday was my Dads birthday so we went to my parents house to visit the family!  We are hoping this week will bring on the warm Spring weather!!! We are ready to PLANT!


Movie Night.jpg

Lola Skywalk.jpg



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