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2 Month Update & Favorites

Our sweet little baby girl is 2 months old as of yesterday.  She had her 2 month appointment today and she checked out amazing.  This is HUGE since she has sadly had two colds since being born.  We are so very thankful for a healthy baby girl.  The appointment was accompanied with 3 shots that were not pleasant but poor Q did as well as could have been expected.  (Picture below before shots!)

Quinn 4Quinn 3

Quinn has been changing quickly in  the past few weeks.  She has recently (2 weeks ago) begin smiling and “giggling” at familiar people when being talked to.  She is loving floor play along with tummy time. This was not something that Lola enjoyed at a young age so it is refreshing.  Quinn is such a relaxed baby.   She is still sleeping next to us or with us at night.  She is doing better putting herself to sleep in the crib but often she will wake to eat and I will just keep her in bed with us.  I can’t resist a good cuddle! She has been away from me a few times at night now with her Daddy and Grandma Ellen and did well!

Quinn 1

We have had a few must haves for the second month of life that I wanted to share!

Rock N Play– We love this! She has napped/slept in this since she has been born.  It is slightly angled to help with digestion/ burps and it is also very tight and cozy.  Q still uses it for nap time in our living room currently.  She sleeps amazing in it but we will try to transition to a crib soon.  The Rock n Play also folds flat for perfect traveling.

Avent Bottle Warmer– This bottle warmer has been great for my breast milk but can also be used for formula!  It is nice because breast milk cannot be microwaved so it is much more convenient than sitting it in a warm bowl of water.  It is easy to use and works quickly when you have a hungry, impatient little one!

Traveling Crib– For us the best sleeper next to the bed has been a traveling (or mini) crib.  It actually folds flat for traveling and it can be used until the kiddo can stand up!  We use it right up to our bed and then she can have her own space but still be very near me.  I also wanted to use this opposed to a bassinet (we tried the Halo but she didn’t like it) because it will be less transition when she goes to her own room! Quinn 2

Sleep Sack– We used the Halo Swaddle bags until she outgrew the two newborn sacks that I had.  I didn’t want to buy more so I put her into the Sleep Sack that we already had!  It is easy, not to hot for the summer, and keeps her cozy.

Do you have an must haves or different favorites for the first few months of life? Please share!

XOXO, Emilie

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