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Our Summer Vibes in Pictures

Our summer has been the busiest yet for our family! We have been with family, friends, & strangers! We have been active & lazy. We have had smiles & tears but mostly we have been together!


We had some amazing family time in Wisconsin at a Lake Cabin.  This is our second annual trip to Wisconsin with our families.  We rent a cabin for a week and both of our families visit at different times in the week.  It was special this year because everyone got to spend so much time with sparkling new Quinnlynn Rose.  Lola also had an amazing time being spoiled rotten by her family for a whole week.  Brett &  I enjoyed it because we got to go on an adventure or two (getting into a kayak together and trying to use google maps to paddle in to a river that we discovered had rapids) while family watched over Lola and Quinn at the cabin.

We have been out & about around the town to the splash pad, farmers market, strawberry picking, parks, dad dates, mom dates, the family museum & more.  It is still hard for me to believe that we are actually doing things with a young baby because with Lola we didn’t do anything that first summer. The second child has been so different for our family!

We can’t forget the big event of Allison & Ben’s (Brett’s sister) wedding this summer!  The whole family was in the wedding (except Quinn, of course) and it all went swimmingly.  Brett was a groomsmen, I was a bridesmaid and Lola was the flower girl! She did amazing and was so cute!  It was a super long and tiring weekend with two young kiddos but it went as amazing as we could have wished.  We love you Ally & Ben!


Last but not least, we have been “training” our babies!  Brett MADE Lola a big girl bed after our recent trip to IKEA inspired him.  Therefore,  we have been working with her to learn how to stay in her bed for nap time and actually nap while having this new found freedom! We have also  been working on crib training Quinnlynn.  We have been up and down with it because we have had a very busy schedule  (which I would not recommend when sleep training) but we will get there.  She is such a good co-sleeper so I am not too upset about it!  Last but not least, we have been potty training Ms. Lola.  She is rocking it at home & next we will work on pottying out of the house!


Its been an amazing summer so far and there is so much more to come!  Stay tuned! Until then we will continue being  wild, barefoot & free for the next few months!

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