Potty Training 2 Year Old {Girls}

Oh, potty training!

We are currently working on potty training our oldest daughter right now and these are some of the key points that have been working for us!!! She is fully potty trained at home (except bedtime) & next it will be to venture out of the house in undies! I feel like we are going to be like “Nina Needs to Go” on Disney so I am dreading it! HA!  Potty training can be very daunting but doing it at the right time for your kiddo is important from our experience!

potty 3

1. Wait for the right time.  Try it, see if its the time and if not, wait, and try again in a month or so! That is the amount of time we found to work for us.

We tried potty training Lola at 1.5 and it just didn’t “click” for her.  We would have her sit on the potty for long amount of time & we would get NOTHING.  Then, when she would pee (accidentally) she wouldn’t even know so we couldn’t praise her.

2. Find a good motivator for your kiddo! Things like M&Ms, suckers, stickers, skittles, smarties, chocolate chips, fruit snacks, Popsicles  etc.

These motivators are going to change & change often!!! I often just ask Lo what she wants for going on the potty.  I can also tell when she is becoming less enthusiastic about a motivator or reward so I make sure I change things up.  I think this is key for young children!  Also, you will not be giving rewards until your child is in middle school for going potty!  You will just slowly remove rewards as the kiddo learns your bathroom expectations!

potty 4

3. Don’t wear pants.

This drives my family crazy BUT for us it works.  She can run over to her potty anytime she needs to and try.  Most times we wouldn’t have enough time to get down undies or a pull-up.  We will get to undies soon enough!

4. Put the potty in a handy place.

Currently, her potty is in her playroom (right by the door so we can always empty it) or in the living room.  This makes it super handy for her to try!  Most kids don’t want to stop playing to try to potty but since we make it so convenient, she is always trying for her rewards!  I think we will be able to move it into the bathroom soon. I don’t have the ability to follow her around the whole house (nursing a young baby often) & I don’t want her playing the bathroom while unattended!

5. Be consistent.

Every kiddo is different but be consistent with how you potty train.  Say the same phrases, reward the same, practice the same things, etc.  Do what works for YOUR FAMILY!

Good luck and keep at it, friends! What are some tips you have for potty training young kiddos?

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