Toddler Favorites {Toys}

I have been doing my best to rearrange the playroom to best fit the needs of my 2 year old, Lola, lately.  I have been very focused on putting away a lot of the toys we have in there!  I have found that the more “stuff” she has in there, the less she plays in the play room.  I wanted to share some of the goodies that we have been loving to “work” with lately!

One of my very favorite brands of baby/toddler toys is Melissa & Doug.  They are colorful, sturdy, wood toys that are in a great price range.  Some of the things that we are loving right now are listed below!  Please share some of your favorite toddler toys in the comments! I would love to read about them.

TT3 Edit

Felt Sandwich Making Set– This is a new activity to our house recently.  Lola loves to build sandwiches for guests at the house!  This activity is amazing for communication and language building.  The felt is very thick and durable for little toddler fingers.

TT2 Edit

Stacking Train– She got this for Christmas from my Aunt & it has been a favorite ever since.  It is perfect for problem solving because all the shapes fit on the train differently.  We have also used this toy to sort colors and be creative while building!

TT 3

Car Carrier & Wooden Car Set– This toy is one of her current favorites to play with outside.  It is a great “bang for your buck”  because you get the truck, car carrier and wooden cars!

Lacing Beads– This is an activity that we do when I am sitting with Lola having one-on-one time with her.  We have also made accommodations and used unsharpened pencils to put the beads on when the strings were still too challenging!

IKEA Children’s Table & Chairs– This is not a toy (obviously) but it is one of my favorite items in her playroom.  We use it for almost all activities that we do in there!!! It is cheap, sturdy and changeable.  I have also seen a lot of “remodels” of this table on Pinterest! (Table is pictured above.)


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