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Fall(ing) Plans with a Toddler

I love fall & so does my family.  We go on (numerous) walks each day, spend time outside, cuddle, eat comfort food, and seasonal activities.  I wanted to create a “checklist” of fall activities for toddler children & their families!


  1. Apple Orchard// Apple picking (Go Soon!  Time is coming to an end!)
  2. Pumpkin Patch
  3. Local Parades
  4. Exploring pumpkins (cut one open and explore the insides!)
  5. Eat//bake pumpkin seeds
  6. Rake Leaves and play in them!
  7. Halloween Movies (Hocus Pocus?!)
  8. Go watch a local football team!
  9. Visit an indoor water park!
  10. Nature walk// Leaf color hunt
  11. Bake a pie together (apple or pumpkin?)
  12. Go on a fall color drive
  13. Go shopping with mom or dad.  Look at all the decor!
  14. Help decorate for Halloween or Thanksgiving
  15. Learn about Thanksgiving
  16. Paint a pumpkin!
  17. Backyard games (kicking a ball, bean bags,
  18. Go to the library & find fall// Halloween books!
  19. Bonfire with Smores!
  20. Create a scarecrow.


Print off this list, share it with your friends & enjoy the fall with your family!!!!  What else would you add to your list?  I’d love to hear.  We are off to a family wedding today!

Have an amazing weekend.

XOXO Emilie

One thought on “Fall(ing) Plans with a Toddler

  1. Paint a pumpkin Teal is on our list. Teal is for food allergy awareness 🙂 You could Google if you don’t know much about it #tealpumpkinproject
    Also, would love a corn maze. I have never done one, and they seem to be fun.


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