Arm Workout

One Day at a Time

One. Day. At. A. Time. This is my motto with MY lifestyle.  This is how I go about motivating myself.  SOME DAYS, I even have to remind myself one meal at a time. Having a balance in our lives is very important.  Brett and I have been working very hard to find this for our family… Continue reading One Day at a Time


Become a Morning Workout Girl #WellnessWednesday

How to become a morning workout girl?!  Morning workouts often leave us feeling energized, happy, confident, and hopefully sore! 1) Sleep in your workout clothes: Yes, take a shower (if you do that at night) and put your workout clothes on like pajamas.  This way when you hop out of bed there is no excuse.… Continue reading Become a Morning Workout Girl #WellnessWednesday