Toddler Schedule.

Sorry for my little hiatus on blogging but with the new school year starting & being pregnant I did not have much time (or energy) to write any fun blogs.  Maybe they would have been grouchy & crabby but who wants to read that?

Oh, today has been a glorious day!  We all know that with kids (or without them, really) not all days are like that.  I wanted to celebrate our fun and happy day!  One reason our days have been getting happier is: a schedule.  We have started a new schedule over here and I will share it with you below.  It is nothing magical but it works for us & it might work for you too!  The weather has also been FANTASTIC for the month of December so we have been able to get out of the house for at least an hour during the day.  The girls are loving it and truthfully, so am I.

Outside 1Outside 2Noodles 2

This morning while Lola was having a little “sensory time” and I was able to get on the computer and create a picture schedule for her.  She will be 2 in March (baby in April/early May) so I think it is about time to allow her to be more independent and aware of her day.  I found all my pictures on Google so I deleted them off the document I am sharing because I do not want to have any copyright issues but I will give you our schedule & visual.  I would recommend using Boardmaker pictures or any free Google images.  For images I use on kiddo documents I always search “clipart” at the end of the phrase.  These are much more kid friendly pictures, in my opinion.

When I created the schedule I was JUST going to do morning and evening routines but I drug out the morning a little more just because I had extra squares.  I plan to print it off, laminate it and color in each square we complete each part daily.  You could execute this part 1,000 ways.  You could allow your kiddo to put a sticker on each square they complete successfully or you could cut them out, add Velcro to the back & take each square down when completed.

Here is the schedule I made for Lola.  I would add pictures (I did but I deleted them. Not to be mean, but to stay out of copyright challenges!) Enjoy!  Let me know how you and your family could or will use it!    Daily Toddler Schedule WO Pictures

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