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Popcorn & a Movie

Today was the first “nice day” in about a month so we got outside & enjoyed it.  Lola has this little car that she just LOVES riding around in.  That is her activity of choice currently outdoors.  We really need to work on getting her more outdoors activities.  We really do not have much at all for outdoors.  Any ideas for an almost 2 year old would be great!

Outside 4

We had a family movie night tonight.  We had stove-top popcorn (recipe below) and watch a movie called the Croods together.  It was a cute movie and Lola enjoyed it.  She is becoming so much more able to sit and watch a movie.  It makes family movie nights much more relaxing! I made some popcorn for the movie on the stove top.  I think it is much healthier and tastier than popcorn in a bag.

Popcorn 4

Stove-Top Popcorn:

Ingredients– Popcorn Kernels, Olive Oil & Sea Salt

Take out a large pot with a lid.  Pour in about 1/4 cup of oil and heat at a high heat.  Add about 1 cup of the popcorn kernels & a desired amount of sea salt to the pot.  Shake around the popcorn to make sure they are all coated with oil.  Turn up the heat to high and continuously shake the pot.  Make sure the lid is on securely so the kernels do not pop out.  I often open the lid to let out the steam every few minutes.  In about 3-4 minutes the first kernel will pop.  Keep moving the pot around to not burn the kernels until they are all popped!  Top with a little melted butter or seasonings (my favorite topping is a little melted peanut butter)!!! Enjoy.

Popcorn 2Popcorn 3

This weekend we will be spending lots of time outdoors & preparing for the coming blizzard!!!  I will personally be starting my garden!!! I am using egg cartons as my starter seed set.  I will post more about that after I have completed them! Countdown to baby #2 is coming as well.  I will be posting a “bump update” this weekend!  I posted with Lola almost every week so I feel I should at least get a few posted for this sweet girl to read later in life!

Have a great weekend!  Check back again soon!  I should be getting a few posts up over the weekend!






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