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Oh goodness!!! Many of you that are my blog subscribers do not know that I am entering this amazing venture of selling clothes!!! From my home! I will be selling LuLaRoe clothing from my home to ladies that are local and ladies that are long distance!!!  I wanted to share a little about the opportunity with you all!

I am a stay a home mom but I have not always been.  My husband and I are both teachers. Therefore, we did not make a ton of money.  My first year with my first baby, Lola, I was able to teach part time.  God-willing I was able to fall into an AM only preschool position with my school district a month before school began that year.  That was a fantastic opportunity but it was a 20 minute commute each way.  Paying for daycare and paying for gas for part time pay was not worth it.  I decided to “take the dive” and stay a home full time. I had always been looking for ways to work at home such as teaching online, teaching college classes at night, etc.  I have also done babysitting to help supplement my salary but I was never able to find a passion//career that I could do at home.

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Processed with Snapseed.

About 3 months ago I went over to a family friends house to her LuLaRoe launch party with my mom.  I had NO idea what this clothes was all about and I am not big on buying things at full price but I went with my mom hoping she would buy me something!  (Remember I have no money because I have no job! Ha!) I tried on a few pieces and I was in love.  I am a legging and tunic kind of gal and I can NEVER find tunic that will actually stay tunic length.  I had to get myself some tunics and leggings.  That was the day.  The beginning for me.


After that I began helping this friend and it made me so incredibility happy to be working with clothes and fashion.  I would leave there on a high.  Just over the moon. She kept telling me that I should “Just do it! Jump in!”  but I was very hesitant.  It was a lot of money.  How was I going to get that?  How would my husband react?  Where would I put all these amazing clothes in my house?  These were just a FEW of the questions that rolled through my head.  After a few weeks of thinking, chatting with my husband, and cleaning my basement, I was ALL IN!  I am currently still in the 8 week wait (which I thought was going to be 6 weeks!) and finishing up my basement/business preparation.


I should be getting my CALL this week or next week to order my clothes and begin this journey!  I am so beyond blessed and amazed that I am going to be able to make money working from home, making women feel beautiful, helping my husband financially, and show my girls the power of working hard! I can’t even believe this is possible for my family.  I am beyond words some days.

If this is something that you might want or NEED for your family please reach out.  I completely understand the need to chat and think things over!!!! I am always here to chat and answer questions.  Also, this is not a full time job or nothing. This business can be worked how it fits into your life! A hobby, part time, full time, whatever you need and want! I have been looking for something like this for YEARS and I am so happy it has found me.  Feel free to comment with you email below or email me at!!!

Much love ladies!!!

XOXO, Emilie

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