Arm Workout

Start to August (Weekend)

We had a crazy weekend.  A lot of highs & a lot of lows but we had each other through it all.

Friday was consumed of medical situations that should not be discussed.  We made it through & we are definitely stronger as a family!

Saturday was a Mommy/Daughter day as Brett was golfing for charity with his school.  Lola and I did all sorts of crazy things.  We got our daily walk in and after we came back we played on our deck.  Our yard is not the best for young children but our deck is AWESOME.  Hubby completely redid the deck a few years ago.

Stroller August
Beginning of the ride
Stroller August 2
End of the ride
Sprinkler Dancin’

On the deck we started the sprinkler, soaked up some sun, watered our PUMPKINS (right next to the deck) and ate fruit Popsicles.  Lola and I could have a fun time just eating, dancing & listening to music any day! Something that we have learned is that a sprinkler on a deck is SO much easier and less messy than on the muddy grass.

Sunday was a day full of food & family.  I made a grocery list after looking at all sorts of yummy recipes.  I was really in the mood for Breakfast Bars (cue this post) and Mexican food.  Brett went grocery shopping and Lola & I napped.  After returning from the store we cooked up a dish to take to my Grandfathers 80th Birthday Party!!!  We spent the evening in Clinton playing with family.  Lola loves visiting with my Waldorf family because there are soooo many cousins there for her to play with.

We are very blessed & we know God works in mysterious ways even in hard times.

Popsicle Lovin’

Have a great week!



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