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Too Much Sugar

My WELLNESS tip for the week is to watch your SUGAR!!!!  Sugar is everywhere and in everything.  The World Health Organization recommends about 6 teaspoons or 25 grams of sugar a day.  This is a very small amount considering the American Heart Association states that the average adult consumes 22 TEASPOONS each day! YIKES!!!!  That is a scary statistic.

When someone is just beginning their health & wellness “make over” this is the first this I share with people.  I have found there are lots of hidden sugars.  Take a moment each day and look at the sugar amounts on the labels of the things that you are eating.  I do not eat any snack that is over 7 grams of sugar (it is my own personal rule) except for fruit because it is natural sugar that your body can actually use and recognize.  I will share more about real sugars vs. fake sugars in a later post.  I have found some “hidden” sugars in {{yogurt, catsup, granola bars, granola, cereal, salad dressings, bread, barbecue sauce, & dried fruit}} and many other items.

For substituting sugar in our household we often use fruits such as bananas, unsweetened apple sauce and strawberries. We also like to use raw honey, pure maple syrup, coconut sugar & pure cane sugar if we want to use real sugar.

Some products that I prefer that are low or no sugar (yes, some have “artificial sweeteners”) are: AdvoCare Spark (energy drink), Walden Farms Syrups, and Quest Bars.

OF COURSE we do indulge with our weekly sweets but consistently we use these keys to maintain our healthy life and family!!!

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